Sound4Social. Words&Music of ESF

Music is one of the most immediate and engaging forms of communication. Music, with the voice and instruments, performs a basic function that steers emotions and is able to immediately and simply convey messages and contents.

Referring to the target group formed by young people of Sardinia, in particular, the Project “Sound4Social. Words & Music of the European Social Fund” has been using music and its performances as a vehicle for channelling information regarding the ESF and, more specifically, real opportunities for young people.

This activity has involved the young residents of Sardinia, developing and enhancing the appeal of the “talent show” formula through an innovative format that stimulates the attention of young people and their creativity toward some focal themes of the ESF.

Goal: bring the institutions closer to the citizens of tomorrow, stirring direct participation through stimulating and engaging manners, conveying the institutional content with innovative and effective solutions.

In particular the Project foresees:

  • the perfecting of the format and its operating subsections;
  • the drawing up of rules and regulations and the participation forms;
  • the setting up of a dedicated technical jury;
  • the advertising of the initiative;
  • the selection of the submitted proposals by a specialized panel;
  • the setting up and management of a dedicated website;
  • social networking activities;
    • the organization and the full management of public events with the setting up of an information stand dedicated to ESF Regional Operational Program 2007/2013 and its opportunities, including:
    • 4 territorial artist exhibition events (Oristano, Nuoro, Alghero and Olbia) with the evaluation and selection of the finalists;
    • 1 conclusive regional event (Cagliari) with the finalists selected in the previous 4 evenings;
  • the project, production and broadcast of 4 regional television programs, corresponding to four territorial evenings broadcasted regionally by Videolina, the leading regional broadcasting company;
  • the project, production and regional broadcast on Videolina of one TV program of the final night of 21 June, on the occasion of the “European Festival of Music”;
  • the setting up of a dedicated YouTube channel;
  • the television broadcast of the documentary videos related to the Good Practices of the Regional Operational Program ESF 2007- 2013.
  • the creation and production of the “Sound4Social. Grab the future!” compilation on Compact Disc support, containing the songs of the artists who are finalists;
  • the participation of the project and of the musical proposals of the finalists in the 2015 edition of the WOMEX – The World Music Expo;
  • media communications activities to support the initiative, including: web banner advertising, TV ads, promotion ads on newspapers;
  • the survey regarding the approval of the initiative and knowledge of the European Social Fund and of its opportunities, by providing the public attending the events with questionnaires.

The format identified may be broken down as follows:

First phase
Candidates interested in taking part in the contest, together with the application form, have sent two brand new songs (mp3 files, live recordings or final versions) including at least one concerning issues that the ESF deals with (unemployment, training, education, equal opportunities; support for disadvantaged social groups, combating social exclusion).

Second phase
The technical jury, made up of 4 well-known experts, assesses the competitors’ proposals and, on the basis of the Regulations, has made the first selection of twenty-four artistic proposals, which will then take part in the successive phases.

Third phase
The twenty-four candidates have participated in groups of six, in the four local events (Alghero, Nuoro, Olbia and Oristano), which were held in reference venues of the identified target, intended for live entertainment and popular with young people.

During the events the conductor, as well as coordinating the various stages of the show, has highlighted the aims and objectives of the project, calling the attention of the public to the ESF and its opportunities.

At the end of the performances the jury and the public have finally declared the finalist.

In addition to the four designated finalists, two special prizes have been awarded by the jury to two artists, who have distinguished themselves for “the best live act of the performance” and for “the best lyrics.” The two special awards have given the performer the right to take part in the final.

Fourth phase
The regional event, the grand final of June 21, on the occasion of the European “Music Festival”, saw the participation of the eight selected finalists.

The final event for the general public was amplified at the regional level in the broadcast, in the programme schedule of the regional broadcaster Videolina.

The organization of the five events has included:

  • design and creation of the backdrop and staging set up characterizing the event with institutional trademarks;
  • lights/audio/backline services;
  • a sound system suitable for the size of the event venue with scenic artist staging, lighting and the necessary instrumentation;
  • social security contributions paid for all artists participating in the event;
  • SIAE (Italian Royalties Collection Society) rights for public performances and/or live music shows for the protection of enrolled authors and publishers;
  • audio-visual recording;
  • Info points for information and distribution of information materials of the European Social Fund with trained staff;
  • the survey related to the approval of the initiative and knowledge of the EU and the European Social Fund and of its opportunities, by submitting questionnaires to the public attending the events;
  • comprehensive organization and management of the events.


Specific actions have been carried out to promote the contest, aimed at raising awareness regarding the initiative and stirring up interest in participating. More specifically, the creation of advertising materials, distributed/exhibited in schools, universities and meeting places of young people was arranged.

A website dedicated to the contest was created, in which it was possible to find all the information (description of the initiative, rules, etc.) as well as institutional references for learning more about the ESF, both at regional and European level.

In order to reach the target audience, also, an intense and constant social networking activity was developed, through the creation and animation of a Facebook page, which is constantly updated also during the events.

A constant public relations activity with the media and the diffusion of information to regional newspapers and media to support the initiative while it is being held in order to ensure adequate news coverage.

In summary, the following has been provided for:

  • the creation of advertising materials and communications activities;
  • dedicated Press Office and Media Relations activities;
  • promotion in the institutional sites;
  • design and creation of 30” TV an radio ads;
  • web advertising banners on news and information Internet sites;
  • TV ads;
  • ads on daily newspapers;
  • creation and management of a dedicated website;
  • creation and management of a dedicated Facebook page;
  • press review.

The European dimension of this action will be strengthened by the participation at the WOMEX (October 2015), the world music Expo, one of the most significant opportunities for contacts with the operators in this sector and an opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge.

WOMEX is the first network in the world dedicated to all kinds of music - from folk to ethnic, from jazz to world music – as well as the appointed place for starting relationships for discussions and sharing views with the situation in Europe and elsewhere: a large showcase of presentation and promotion to the entire international music scene.

In particular the activity foresees:

  • organizational and logistics secretary;
  • on-going support for the entire duration of the event with multilingual staff;
  • promotional activity.

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